Acquapark srl was born to build water parks.
The market for prefabricated swimming pools with panels and the earliest water slides open to the public began to develop in the 1970s.
The managers of swimming pools entrusted us with the working drawings of their water slides because they wanted to make their water facilities more appealing. Due to the novelty of the product, scale models were made and the first prototypes were assembled before being placed on the market.

Given the rapid response of the water slides, there arose the need to design custom-made sites for water fun.

After several years focusing on the design stage, Acquapark srl was officially incorporated with the specific purpose of building water parks. In 1988, within 7 months, we built the first water park in Southern Italy: the first one was built using technologies exclusively sourced in Italy. We are proud to be one of the first to have introduced water slides in Italy and to have contributed toward drafting of the UNI-EN safety standards.

From the very beginning we have always proposed areas dedicated to kids and families. Furthermore, over the years we introduced first the games for children calling them Isola Felice (Happy Island) and Castello Magico (Magical Castle), currently known as Spray Park and Acquaplayground.
Our constant commitment to innovation has helped us place many new products on the market. We produce all our fibreglass water slides at our Ponte San Marco (BS) plant in Italy.

This allows us to guarantee the highest quality, flexibility and after-sales service and set the benchmark for maintenance, inspection and regeneration for all water attraction brands.
We are the only Italian company to have designed and installed our water slides and Spray park on Cruise Ship Companies.
The first Italian company to have developed an artificial wave and static wave machine with a team of dedicated designers, expert engineers and technicians.

We are now a proud market leader with more than 3000 satisfied customers and projects implemented 42 countries across 4 continents.

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