ACQUAPARK’s vocation takes shape in building water parks. Here, ideas, imagination, inventiveness and technical skills give life to a fun place, refined in terms of details, pleasant to visit and reflecting the Italian style.

We – at ACQUAPARK – design, manufacture and create water slides around the world. Quality of manufacture, innovation, robustness and certified Italian production. Feel free to contact us for any information.

Wave pools

Classic attraction for water parks, ideal and excellent for the animation of lagoons, as a relaxation area and also for the users who like to swim. Wave pools offer fun and entertainment for all, whether experienced swimmers or those who simply want to relax and enjoy the sun lying on the beach sand and lulled by the movement of the waves. We – at ACQUAPARK – were the first manufacturer to produce the wave-making machine with Italian technology. You provide the basin, we create the installation Technology has evolved and nowadays it is possible to manufacture wave-making machines with any construction-type and basin-size: thus, play lagoons, rivers, streams, become a new fun playground.

Lazy River / Fast River

Rivers are a basic attraction for a water park. The river is either slow or fast depending on the slope with which the river can be built. The river attraction favours many user activities including swimming, transportation, relaxation and walking. It can be traversed using inflatable rafts or freestyle. Furthermore, many other games and water animation effects are found along the route. Another feature lies in how the river can be built. We – at ACQUAPARK – are in a position to build prefabricated fibreglass rivers, ready for installation on site by providing previously positioned installations, or by providing the technological part of the operation alone if building a complete attraction on site is deemed preferable. Whatever your choice our advice is to make the construction look as natural as possible in terms of choice of colours or materials to be used.

Lagoons and Falls

Lagoons are the most important water surface in a water park. Conscious of this, we – at ACQUAPARK – have always been keen on designing and building lagoons so as to harmoniously fit in the context of the place, with pleasant and valuable solutions enriched sometimes also with rock waterfalls through the recovery of excavation materials. New construction techniques have also been developed. As a matter fact, we now build swimming pools and sand lagoons obtaining a unique result, natural-looking and pleasant to the eye while being easy and pocket-friendly to manage at the same time.

Sliding Ball

Sliding ball is a spectacular attraction for sun play time for the entire family. It is designed to be installed in a specially built basin. The softness of the surface is the distinctive trait that will make your sliding unique and memorable. The attraction is built hemispherical-shaped while the dimensions and colours of the attraction are fully customisable; the users access it by climbing and upon reaching the top they slide on the surface as if on water bubble into the pool below: safety and the fun are absolutely assured.

Technological Plants

We – at ACQUAPARK – design and build technological plants for the management, operation and modernisation of your water park. Whether it new or existing plants of the hydraulic or electric type, through our technical staff we are in a position and have the ability to build operating plants including turnkey installations. We provide water treatment and special technological plants in a precise, detailed and reliable manner compliant with the various standards in force regarding water parks, swimming pools and technical premises.

Water massage

Water massage and relaxation areas in general are increasingly popular attractions in the water park. As a matter of fact, users who love the tranquillity, calm and possibility of relaxation with the use of these attractions are on the rise. We – at ACQUAPARK – have always values these areas offering various types of massage, always taking appearance and the furnishing of the baths designated for these activities into great account. The plants suitable to operate are made using the best of Italian technology with skills in accordance with the regulations in force on the basin systems and the ease of management.
Over the last 30 years, we have made a name for ourselves in the industry, in Italy and abroad. Customers who came to us did so because they appreciate a working approach tested by engineers and professionals.

Fully commissioning a project with us means building a relationship based on trust and transparency.
Our way of working starts with the preliminary consultation to offer the maximum performance, safety and fun for customers.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get your “turnkey” water park made by Acquapark

Where do we start (not just the park alone but also water slides and/or single games, do not focus everything on the water park)
If you don’t know what direction to take to building a park, our team offers you preliminary advice to understand how to schedule the works.

Feasibility study and Business plan

In some cases, we can contribute and/or collaborate to the drafting of a Business Plan. This document allows us to have a record of the work to be done and the idea on which to start in order to develop a concrete project.

Designing and Constructing a water park

When designing you have at your disposal all the engineering and scientific expertise of our technical staff, which – together with you – will get deeper into the project to provide you with all customised details, based on the geological and structural needs of the park you are planning to build. Thanks to the on-site surveys and the functional analyses we are in a position to provide capable of stirring emotions on the finished work despite still being in the virtual world.
Once the project has been confirmed, we work hand in hand with the construction firm and the workers that the Customer usually provides.

Permits and licenses to build a water park

Usually the preliminary players to be involved are the municipalities, which are supposed to provide the geological characteristics of the soil, the practices to be adopted and the mandatory permits required for the construction.
Once the water park has been built, it will be essential to have an insurance covering any damage to the property and one on civil liability.

The choice of a strategic area to build your water park

Location choice is critical, but beyond intuition, accurate market survey is needed. We can say that most water parks are located in tourist areas, this being a logical consequence that leads people to be more disposed to these types of attractions (and to spend) when they are on vacation.
Quotation to build a water park
At the end of the design stage, a quotation will be provided regarding the working drawings of the park, complete with graphic drawings and technical report.

Design stage

Our technical staff includes a team of engineers professionally certified to create your customised project. We are in a position to start our work as a “contract” even without relying on third parties.
Designing is not just a matter of assembling pre-packaged parts. It is an ensemble of ideas, precise and complex calculations that require all players to harmoniously work together as a team.
You will not be a mere onlooker in all this. We will keep you updated on every step so as to be aware of the work done and concretely show you our art.

What is included in the design stage:

Preliminary, executive and structural architectural designs (made of reinforced concrete and steel) are among the services we offer our Customers; same case applying to inspections on site. Ours is not a “per hectare” quotation, but a quotation on the entire project: a water slide and/or water park is actually a project proposal. Each detail must be calculated and quantified in the smallest detail. This activity can cost even whole days of work as we try to develop the best ideas to give shape to your project. The work of a team of professionals entails cost in this area too, and we do not draft the project totally free of charge. This being due to the fact that every situation is absolutely unique and unrepeatable, just like our projects and quotations.

From virtual to real: creating water parks and water slides

Time has come to make everything developed in 2d, 3d or with special models real, true and alive in your park. Even in this case too, as our history tells, we do not leave the design outside the fields of expertise of our technicians and for this reason, we directly follow every project we build.
Besides being made of top-quality raw materials, all our water slides comply with the regulations in force.
The raw materials we use are manufactured and/or processed in Italy by specialised companies, which have guaranteed the highest quality and efficiency standards over the last 30 years.

Interested in our services? Any questions or concerns?

We specialise in designing water parks!

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