Attractions for children

We – at Acquapark – offer attractions for children’s amusement and family play since the 1990s. We design and build attractions for the water amusement, both for little ones and play for the whole family. Our attractions are super amusing, playful, colourful and packed with games and water effects. Our attractions include the classic water slide installation, the Spray Park interactive games as well as the most complete range of water castles.

Whenever there is need for water amusement in limited spaces, whether it is Hotels, Camp sites, Holiday facilities, Seaside Resorts, Water Parks with fixed or temporary installations, traditional or modern with installation on wet floor.

We – at ACQUAPARK – design, build and install water amusement attractions across the world with high quality construction, innovation, robustness, Italian certified production, reliable and accurate after sales service. Feel free to contact us for any information you may need.

Spray Park

Consisting of games, fountains, various sprays and interactive equipment suitable for children, youths and families in general, the installation is built on a simple floor made on site or prefabricated in cases where a completely removable installation is required. Thanks to its variety of spray fountains of all kinds, besides being ideal for creating animation and colour in the park, Spray Park brings energy and liveliness even without a swimming pool.

Happy Island

Water attraction specifically designed for the little ones and amusement for the whole family, Isola Felice is an oasis packed with fun fountains and water games to be added to swimming pools and lagoons with limited water height. Isola Felice is distinguished by an enchanted landscape where to have fun in company. Isola Felice attractions are specially designed to create themed decorations and settings

Magical Castles

Packed with countless surprises, the castle is an equipped space installed in a water lagoon, on board or outside the pool or in a Spray Park. It comes with one or more turrets where the numerous games, sprays, waterfalls – most of which are also interactive – allow children to play freely. Water slides for the amusement of children and adults are also installed to further enrich this attraction. The fantasy castle actually represents the right attraction for the amusement of the whole family. Above all, the numerous decorative and play elements can be themed. Besides offering an opportunity to learn to have fun, this game also offers a chance to play with others and combine creativity and imagination


Our extensive and varied range of fountains meets the needs of our customers in terms of themes and customisation: made in fibreglass and galvanised steel or stainless steel, hand-decorated, whether static or dynamic, decorative or interactive, they create effects and water games that enrich and add value to your recreational pools.

Baby Castles

For our little customers, we – at Acquapark – have a range of little castles called “baby”. However, the only little thing about them is the size but not in the play experience. This offers amusement opportunities for the little ones too under safe conditions amidst colourful mini-water slides, sprays and waterfalls.


For anything one can wish for from our unlimited creativity, based on the needs of our customers, we – at Acquapark – offer several customisations applicable to the shapes, dimensions, colours and themes that enhance and make our installations unique, and testify their uniqueness.

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