Open section water slides for all tastes, designed, built and installed directly by ACQUAPARK for any user and type of facility. Whether you have a hotel, camping or a summer facility, we can cater to your needs when it comes to creating fun. Contact us right away for your free advice.

We – at ACQUAPARK – design, manufacture and install water slides directly around the world. Quality of manufacture, innovation, robustness and certified Italian production. Feel free to contact us for any information.

Toboggans and Mini slides

We – as Acquapark srl – surely could not forget the beating heart of all water parks, the children. This is why we have always made slides called mini due to their limited length and height or better suited to the little ones and definitely not due to their stability and durability which matches that of the slides designed for the bigger children. We have a wide range of models designed to meet all tastes and needs.
We have Mini-slides characterised by a sinuous shape, just like we have Multi-tracks featuring parallel straight tracks, the single-block slides, decorative slides and … truly a wide range of state-of-the art products in a position to meet the tastes of everyone.


A fibreglass water slide, characterised by sinuous curves that capture the attention of the whole family. Everyone – regardless of age – loves siding on toboggan, which is thus a must-have attraction in a water park. Semi-circular section measuring 90 cm (35.4”) width-wise, with an average slope of 10%, but with the possibility of building more or less fast tracks. With the same section, wed can also build some KAMIKAZE tracks. The braking on arrival can occur with a splash into the swimming pool or by inserting suitable channels in the final stop part.


Fibreglass water slide, from the descent at medium-high speed, suitable for those who enjoy challenges, delight, strong emotions and thrill of speed. Depending on the route, our Kamikaze comes with two types of sections. One identical to the TOBOGGAN section for building the simplest tracks and a U-shaped section measuring 110 cm (43.3”) in width for building the most breath-taking high-speed tracks.


Fibreglass slide with straight parallel wavy tracks, ideal for group descent with friends and for the joy of competition. The number tracks can be customised, same case applying to the slope of the descent. We can build installations with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 tracks and even more, depending on the space available and the Customer’s requests. Descent can be a freestyle or on sliding rafts for a more adrenaline-pumping experience. U-shaped-type section measuring 80 or 100 cm (31.5” or 39.4”) in width. With its thrilling curves wrapped by a rainbow of colours, everyone can try it. Having fun is a sure bet.

Sliding Hill

This Slide comes with straight wavy parallel tracks, invented and patented by ACQUAPARK. It is entirely similar to the multi-track slide with the only difference lying in how it is built. Sliding hill features a soft surface made with a soft sliding surface for even more thrilling fun for adults and kids alike. The particular shape is designed to be inserted into the ground. However, it can also be built with a support structure. The colour and the number of tracks can be customised based on the Customer’s requests.

Giants and River

Fibreglass water slide characterised by a very wide section. To be traversed with inflatable rubber tubes alone or in groups. Besides the considerable size of the channels it is made up of, its structure also offers great stability, versatility and fun. U-shaped-type or semi-circular section measuring 200 or 300 cm (78.4” or 118.1”) in width. Possibility to build different types of slides, such as ROLLER COASTER, the water roller coasters, HUMPYGIANT with breath-taking final splash, RIVER, and LAZY RIVER or water slides consisting of closed sections.

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