Looking for a particular attraction? In need of a big or small novelty to liven up and expand the fun offer of your water park or pool? ACQUAPARK gives shape to your requests with big and small attractions.

We – at ACQUAPARK – directly design, manufacture and install interactive and non-interactive water attractions, all over the world


Acquapark was Italy’s first manufacturer of this attraction consisting of an inclined plane in which the user floats and swings on a powerful, consistent and fast water flow, by means of a board, sliding downwards and upwards in a direction contrary to the water motion. The installation is transportable, safe and customisable in size and number of users who can use from it. Given the considerable difficulties in keeping balance on the board and directing the slide, it attracts the most daring users who love the challenges. In addition, it represents a new generation in the world of leisure offers.

Tarzan and adventure games

A water game that encompasses a variety of adventure games activities and that puts balance, dexterity and endurance to test. It features a route with more or less difficult obstacles, from which one starts by wading across a water basin, grasping at a net and jumping on floating rafts clinging with the arms to a net stretched above the head of the users. Fully customizable in terms of route and themes, this is an exciting and thrilling game that represents the ideal combination of fun and sports activities.

Water slides for Ships

Over the years in the market, we have worked with some of the most important Cruise Companies, bringing all our ability and expertise on board their fleets. We have developed innovative and customised solutions by building original and efficient systems capable of guaranteeing the best safety, design and quality standards at work. The on-board water park is one of the most popular attractions: they are an age-free fun, a compulsory choice for families who go on cruise trips with their children, popular among adults and kids alike.

Tower with Barrel

Dynamic aquatic game to be installed on or off the swimming pool, formed by a tower with 4 or 6 pillars from which water gushes and splashes fall. At the end there is a waterfall-break roof onto which a water-filled giant barrel pours. Customisable in terms of colours and settings, this is an exciting attraction, for all ages, where the most daring cannot wait to try the thrill of being hit by a water bomb!

Installations and accessories

In addition to our wide range of water attractions, we are in a position to offer our Customers a range of devices aiming at enhancing and/or completing an installation: special software for managing scores (for example: record tables), traffic light systems to manage and regulate the departures of users on water slides, video/audio/lighting/effects systems to liven up the sliding experience, fountains and customisable elements, also interactive, according to the Customer’s requirements, are just some of the supplementations that will make your installation unique, thus acquiring style and prestige.

Viking River

Kids water carousel consisting of a closed water circuit made of fibreglass channels (straight and curved) to be traversed by means of special Viking-style boats, with a dragon-headed bow, dragon-tail stern and shields at the sides. Capable of accommodating one, two or three children and possibly parents and/or helpers, this boat traverses the route pushed by the water motion. The route is designed, customised and built based on the Customer’s needs. Kids cannot wait to get on board and they will not just take a single ride!

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