Closed-section water slides

We – at Acquapark – boast of a wide range of closed-section water slides with different standards. These substantially differ according to the geometric dimensions, the user and the type of use. We create various types of routes: with complex twisted tubes, or with breath-taking descents, or the new paths built by ACQUAPARK featuring updown or acquastop technology. Whether a freestyle or tube descent, having fun is a sure bet.

We – at ACQUAPARK – design, manufacture and install water slides directly around the world. Quality of manufacture, innovation, robustness and certified Italian production. Feel free to contact us for any information.

Acquatube 80

Circular-type closed-section fibreglass water slide measuring 80 cm (31.5”) in diameter, which can be traversed freestyle. This size is suitable for slides designed for young youths and kids: actually, they are very often part of the FANTASY CASTLES and built with channels with lively and brilliant colours that contribute to making it one of the most popular and loved attractions among our little customers. The features of Acquatube with larger diameters (D.90 and D.92-200) are reproduced here, but customised to suit the needs of our little customers.

Acquatube 90

Circular-type closed-section fibreglass water slide measuring 90 cm (35.4”) in diameter, given the possibility to build lazy tracks, such as closed-section TOBOGGAN for a slow and easy descent as well as fast tracks such as RAINBOW CANNON, TRECCE, or BLACK CANNON, Acquatube 90 is extremely versatile. These installations can be considered similar to a closed-section KAMIKAZE installation where with particular slopes allow to create a free-falling sensation; in addition, building tracks with translucent semi-transparent channels or alternating these channels with opaque channels is another trait that contributes toward making it a fun-packed and very popular attraction.

Acquatube 140-200

Giant-type fibreglass water slides, consisting of large-section channels measuring 140 cm or 200 (55.2” or 78.7”) in diameter to be traversed by single or multi-user inflatable rafts. A long blue-coloured translucent and semi-transparent coil that allows sunlight to pass through, BLUE HOLE is the most popular solution built with Acquatube D.140. The most attractive Acquatube 200 solution instead comes with a water slide with open and closed sections to be built with the giant channel. Inside, users are enveloped by an enjoyable effect of lights alternating with stretches of darkened route along the entire descent. Other colours – both transparent and opaque – are available depending on the Customer’s needs.

Special Acquatubes

Would you like to build something different from the usual water slide route? We – at ACQUAPARK – build closed-section fibreglass water slides for the standard descent or with rafts. Whether a twisted route with 2, 3, 4, 5 tracks, or a loop route, going downhill or uphill, or particularly fast route, ACQUAPARK srl is your ideal partner for a crowd-pulling attraction!

Spins and Funnels

ACQUAPARK’s acquatube range of products – whether of the freestyle or inflatable rafts type – can be even more fun by adding particular elements along the path. This is called water slides composition. As a matter of fact, at the end of the entry route, the user can slide into one or more conical surfaces such as the funnel or spin or cylindrical surfaces such as the sail where the standard descent in the slide is damped with a change of direction of the descent, becoming more relaxed. Due to its features this is currently one of Acquapark’s most popular attractions.


Based on the customer’s requests, special instructions and wishes, we – at Acquapark – take particular care of our attractions. These customisations may concern colour, games of light, lighting, coloured effects, transparent openings or particular insulations. We – as ACQUAPARK – always commit to supply accessories, coloured liveries and installations tested and guaranteed for the type of use and safe both from a technical and management standpoint. All of this contributes toward making your new attraction unique and inimitable.

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