Water slides for children

Our range of products at ACQUAPARK includes many types of water slides for kids, both of the open and closed-section type, for use as a group with wide section or with parallel tracks. Beautiful, Robust, Coloured, Adaptable to all fun-oriented needs, small in size but entirely identical to the larger versions in terms of quality, accurateness and type of construction.

We – at ACQUAPARK – design, manufacture and install water slides directly around the world. Quality of manufacture, innovation, robustness and certified Italian production. Feel free to contact us for any information.

Little toboggans

Fibreglass water slide designed for children but also suitable for their parents. It comes with sinuous curves like a miniature TOBOGGAN, with the possibility to create different route solutions with lengths ranging from 7.40m to 18.40m. U-shaped section type measuring 70 cm (27.6”) in width, with a 20% average slope. The width of the section also allows descent by an adult, thus making the LITTLE TOBOGGAN slide ideal for Campsites and hotels as well as for swimming pools in need of a water slide suitable for all even in limited spaces.

Mini Toboggan

Fibreglass water slide designed for children, featuring a soft course with the possibility of building different route solutions. Circular open-section type measuring 60 cm (23.6”) in width with an 18/20% maximum slope. This slide is one of the first we – at Acquapark – designed for our little users. It is an evergreen classic!

Mini Tube

Closed-section fibreglass water slide with tube measuring 80cm (31.5”) in diameter designed for children. It suits all kinds of installations where maximum safety is required, with landing point in the pool or in the Acquastop channel. Fully coloured, the castles are its natural installation.

Mini tracks

Kids fibreglass slide with straight wavy parallel tracks, built with the Multi-Track channels. The number tracks can be customised, same case applying to the slope of the descent. We can build installations with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 tracks and even more, depending on the space available and the Customer’s requests. With its thrilling curves wrapped by a rainbow of colours, everyone can try it. Having fun is a sure bet.

Ramp slide

Fiberglass water slide consisting of a large-section straight channel suitable for kids and youths to slide as groups. The channel section is wide and U-shaped, measuring 200 cm (78.7”). The maximum permissible slope is 25%. Kids and adults can use it together if the route allows, for a fun slide together.

Train slide

A train slide! Here’s what’s new! Train-shaped water slide turret with engine and carriages. Each carriage comes with a slide, but kids can also play with the turret. Made of fibreglass and steel, the height of the train determines the length of the slides and the attraction can be installed in the swimming pool or in the spray park. The game is suitable for kids from four to ten years old. This is a new attraction! Unique! and absolutely original!

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